Welcome to ROLDX

A simple way to keep tabs on the creative “makers” in your life. Organize your shops, freelancers, teams, etc.

A step up from messy spreadsheets, and a nice relief from the clunky over-the-top sales + recruiting CRM's.

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The Basics

  • Lightweight & Simple

    Always have a full list view in front of you. Scroll endlessly. There is never clunky page refreshes. Sort by column headers. Search is super fast.

  • Categorize However

    So many ways to drill down into what you need. Use the color smart folders, job titles, and/or search bar to narrow down what you want.

  • Quick Actions for Speed

    Simple quick action buttons on the main view to save you time. Set reminders, add a "checked in" note, etc.

  • Shops, People, Notes

    It's easy to swtich from your individual contacts to the shops you keep track of. And simply jump over to the notes section as well.

The Story. Who?

A group of advertising folks (production, talent, tech, etc) noticed there was no neat simple way to store the freelancers and shops they leaned on to help execute their projects. So they did something about it.

A creative contacts tool for many. Made by makers, for makers.

  • 01.

    Creative Producers

    A good Producer should always have a clean list of their favorite developers, designers, editors, etc. The same goes for shops and vendors.

  • 02.

    Small Creative Shops

    If you have a small creative studio, you need to organize the freelance talent you reach out to. You should have a clear way to see the partners you engage as well. Not to mention potential hire ideas.

  • 03.

    Talent Managers + Firms

    There are so many clunky recruiting CRM's out there, it's crazy. It should be easier to keep tabs on the talent you know, talk to, are targeting, etc.

What's Next?

This is just the start. This tool is currently being used by the folks that made it. Everyday we think of new beneficial additions.

Check out a few of the features we are planning below. Send us a note if you have other ideas.

  • Import

    A simple way to import all your existing contacts from other tools and spreadsheets. Right now its just CSV, but we will make this smarter and easier as we go. We are also in talks with other talent platforms, being able to just port in their data with a few clicks.

  • Smart Data

    Working on some smart stats, reminders, tools, data, etc. Simple ways Roldx will use your actions and searches to help you think of things you might have forgotten. Keep in mind your data is only your own, this will not jeopardize and privacy at all.

  • Email Connection

    We are hooking this platform straight into email, so your notes and interactions will be current and up to date. You'll be able to email from inside Roldx without leaving.

  • Curated Talent

    We are trying out some curated talent plans with existing clients. Upon request, for a small fee, our partener talent team will push available applicable candidates into your Roldx account with the click of a button.